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Filter and sort

... by currently up to 40 details

Onlyblade provides a single table with all profile data, where each profile can be filtered by various counts and ranges - like you know from Excel.

ie. you want to find the most successful OnlyFans® creators with a minimum of 1 million instagram followers and a Patreon profile in the area of 250 miles around Los Angeles.

All Profiles in a single View

Get all data from various platforms of a creator in one view. Currently supported is OnlyFans®, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon.

Plus additional information from face recognition (age, gender etc) and estimated home area.


Charts of the Week

Various Charts and Toplists show the top gainers and newcomers of the week in different categories by rank:

- most subscribers (free & non-free profiles)
- most likes (free & non-free profiles)
- biggest growth (free & non-free profiles)

Other features

GPS Location

Use GPS coordinates to search for creators in a specific geographic area.

i.e. Onlyfans® creators 100km around Los Angeles with a minimum of 1 million Instagram Followers, sorted descending by number of Likes on Onlyfans®

Growth Rates

Use the growth rate of subscribers and likes to find upcoming stars.

i.e. filter for creators with the keyword "latex" which had the highest growth in subscribers last week.

What our clients say

I use onlyBLADE to search for other creators with similar content and audience size to work together, create content or feature each other with our own audience.

- Content Creator

onlyBLADE offers us a great variety on filters and search options to scout new upcoming talents for our adult movie productions.
We can arrange them in groups to keep an overview to whom we've already reached out, so the whole team has the same information.

- Talent Agent

We use onlyBlADE to keep track on the performance of our content creators and research how they can improve their audience reach.

- Media Management

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